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D&H Producions FAQ

  1. What Kind of Bands D&H Productions has ?

    We will be doing Mostly 1970's rock and pop music to present day as well as Country music. We try to strive all Genre's on requests in second life and if its availible and has clearence with the fan groups and bands in real life for release we will try our best to produce them

  2. What will it do for us as Hireing the bands ?

    It will gain not only traffic to your sim, Bussiness, or clubs but it will gain momentum in possibly increasing your club to reach the top in second life in listing with more people joining your group as well

  3. How much room/prims would be alotted for on my sim to bring your Bands and Stages to us?

    We strive to keep it low but as lots of people know its very hard with band equipment and lighting used in second life that they add prims up alot. So in long run we are asking from 800 to 1050 tops in prims. unless its an very special stages thats htighly primmed and cant reduced it then it, we ask from 900 to 1250 tops usually we try to keep it around 800 to 900 tops we as D&H Productions strive for

  4. If we don't have the prims alotted for it can you provide us land to use the concert at?

    Yes If we dont ourselves hve the land to use we can assist you in renting the land for a day or two at an low price from 500 to 800L's depending on the location. Now if we rent out our land the Club owner or  Sim owner has to set up teleporters system from your location to ours so people can come to it without getting lost in 2nd life and not able to find us.

  5. How much of an time frame you need for booking?

    Preferably 2 wks in advance so the band can practice and get to knwo the timming and the music right. once that band  is off the ground and has been doing shows already, We would require  no less then 72 hrs prior to booking and payment must be paid in full before the booking.

  6. If we have another show before or after yours, how much time frame you need to set up and what else would you need done before yoru show ?

    ok we are askign 30 to 45 minutes buffer time in order to rezz and set out the band equipment and test the lighting for lag issues in second life, if we have no problems then we would be ready with in 30 minutes of the show. Now if you have an show before us We do plead and asks that you restart sim for an fresh cache of the location and that takes additional 5 minutes with your location to restart it so it can go from 35 to 50 minutes tops. Other then that we need bout 30-45 minutes before and 15-30 monutes after show to clean up

  7. Are you all taking part of real life bands in second life with the real life time music?

    Yes we do this is to help people who in real life can't afford the  concerts in there locations in real life and this would be an good oppertunity to come into second life to bring the real life atmosphere into second life.

    But its all thru clearences and permission before we produce the bands, reason for this is it may be against there TOS and its might be copyright protected for the groups but as long we get anclearences from them . then we can prduce the bands and  move foward with it.

    We strive in protecting ourselves as well as the Real life bands of there patent's and copyright protection. so we stay inside the TOS of second life as well as Real life productions of the groups thats out there now.

  8. What happens if we need to reschedule due to real life changes?

    We will honer that casue real life is more important the second life. we will strive to reschedule it at most 2 times with all of you, if it cant and still not is completed you will be refunded all but the non refundable part of the deposit and teh contract we have is terminated. If its Us we will make full consequences and try our best  to reschedule it ourselves due to SL issues or anything in real life, and if it cant be met, then all the linduns  put into it will be refunded in its entirity to the people that paid for it.

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